Simple Green Extreme

Simple Green Extreme

Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision Cleaner is a biodegradable water-based groundbreaking solution for cleaning and degreasing aircraft, engines, metals, plastics, and more.

Complies to an extensive number of test specifications for applications on aircraft, including the “Boeing Spec for General Aircraft Cleaning”. Together with large soil retaining capacity, high grease infiltration and a rinse residue-free formula give fast and effective high precision cleaning.

Extreme is designed to avoid redepositing any contaminants upon the surface being treated.

Designed to impede corrosion in the cleaning process this formulation of a non-caustic nature can be used on carbon fiber, structural metals, high tech alloys, aluminum, plastics, protective coatings, rubber, paints, and more. This makes it perfect for maintaining in top condition hoses, seals, structural metals, and factory finishes.

• Supreme grease infiltrating formula cuts through tough soils.
• Non-flammable and free of petroleum distillates.
• Optimized for plastic, rubber, metal, and painted surface cleaning.
• Admissible for entry in oil separators (DEKRA tested).
• The separated solution does not require any special water treatment as it is easily biodegradable and is a safe substitute for harsh cleaners.
• Extreme Simple Green cleaner is a biodegradable aqueous non-corrosive concentrate that can be utilized both in manual applications or various types of cleaning machines or systems.
• Breakthrough formula evades oxidizing finishes, rusting surfaces, and the degradation of plastics.

Extreme Simple Green
Extreme Simple Green

EXTREME SIMPLE GREEN® meets the requirements of the following test specifications:
• Boeing D6-17487 rev.P at neat & 10%: Sandwich Corrosion; Acrylic crazing; Paint softening; Hydrogen Embrittlement.
• AMS 1526 Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces.
• ASTM F 945 Stress Corrosion at a 1: 5 dilution ratio.
• ARP 1755B Stock Loss at a 1: 5 dilution ratio.
• AMS 1550B cleaner for interior materials of aircraft, biodegradable, water-based neat, and at a 1: 5 dilution ratio.
• AMS 1630C Cleaner, Carpet, Shampoo Type neat and at a 1: 5 dilution ratio.
• Approval for the German armed forces under NATO Stock Number 6850-12-409-6716 (NSN) in the TL6850-0015 as a cleaner for aircraft surfaces. (For aircraft of all types and manufacturers). 


• In addition to the aviation industry, the main areas of application are industrial parts cleaning and professional surface pre-treatment before industrial painting, used in all types of cleaning machinery.

• Also widely used in the oil and gas industry, wind turbine, mining, energy industry, automotive industry, vehicle technology, shipbuilding, marine, plant construction, mechanical engineering, and many more.

• Eliminates grease, layered dirt, carbon, and soot deposits and oils on aircraft, technical devices, engines, machinery, vehicles, wind turbines, and much more.

Extreme Simple Green
Extreme Simple Green


• Meets Boeing Spec D6-17487P.
• For Aircraft Exterior & General Cleaning.
• VOC Compliant.
• Low Foaming.
• Non-Corrosive Formula.
• Safe on Metals, Finishes, Plastic & Rubber.
• Residue-Free Rinsing.
• Non-Flammable.
• Non-Hazardous.
• Safe for Entrance into Oil/Water Separators.
• Biodegradable.

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